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23 May: Viktor Popkov and the Championship design

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Viktor Popkov’s painting “The Team is Resting” was chosen as the art symbol of the World Chess Title Match 2012. A press conference timed for the 80th birthday of this brilliant representative of the Soviet Art School was held today, on Wednesday 23 May. Pyotr Kozorezenko, Doctor of Art Studies was the honourary guest of today’s match. Since the match is staged in one of the most prestigious art galleries in Russia, the Tretyakov Gallery (,  it is a good idea to invite art experts to the daily press conferences, rather than chess grandmasters, although we have seen great press conferences with living legends like Yuri Averbakh, Anatoli Karpov and Garry Kasparov.

Pyotr Kozorezenko, Doctor of Art Studies is really looking forward to tell something about art to ignorant chess journalists.

This is not supposed to be an art blog, and I do not pretend to have any knowledge about Russian art, therefore I would suggest that your read more about the artist here:

Watch carefully

You might have noticed when you have carefully checked pictures on various chess websites, that one of his works, “The Team is Resting” was chosen as the art symbol of the world championship match and the organizers and the Tretyakov Gallery staff brilliantly integrated this fine painting in the building, on posters, paper bags, in the VIP and press room, in the playing hall and the public viewing area as you can see in the pictures below.

Here are some pictures I took during the inspection of the playing hall, in which one could see the first impressions. This is a direction sign in the main lobby of the Engineering Building of the Tretyakov, in which the match is staged.

The pressroom, on the left you can see an excerpt of the painting.

The playing hall also has some excerpts of the painting on both sides of the stage. This picture was taken during the inspection, a few days before the opening.

In the public viewing area the design is also drawn through.

This is the fill painting and as I showed you, excerpts of the painting are all over the place. The painting is exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery and this picture is taken from the book “Viktor Popkov“, written by the above mentioned author Pyotr Kozorezenko. 

This is a very heavy book, I can tell you! Everyone present at the press conference was offered a free copy!

The author was kind enough to personalize my copy. It was a very interesting lecture by Kozorezenko, even for philistines.