06 May – Victory parade dress rehearsal

We arrived on the 03 May in the middle of one of the night sessions of the rehearsals for the Victory Parade, which will be held on 09 May. There was another, final rehearsal today, on Sunday. They started marching at 07.30. A very impressive, a bit early though…

Here is some information about the parade from the online paper Rianovosti:  http://en.rian.ru/russia/20120506/173262289.html

Moscow is holding on Sunday the final rehearsal of the May 9 Victory Day parade in Red Square.

“The rehearsal involves 14,000 servicemen and about 100 pieces of the armor,” a Defense Ministry spokesman for land forces, Colonel Sergei Vlasov told RIA Novosti.

The rehearsal involves eight Iskander-M (SS-26 Stone) tactical missile systems, three Topol-Mballistic missile launchers, sixteen S-400 Triumphair defense systems and Pantsir-S missile-and-cannon systems, thirteen Tiger armored vehicles, as well as APC-80’s, T-90 tanks, Msta-S self-propelled artillery systems, and Buk-M2 SAM systems.

Preparations for the May 9 parade envisage three night rehearsals (held on April 26, May 1 and May 3) and one daytime dress rehearsal on May 6.

Beginning as usual at 10:00 a.m. on May 9, the Victory Parade in Moscow and other Russian cities will last for about 45 minutes. The celebrations will culminate in a 30-round fireworks display at 10:00 p.m.

A total of 1,500 WWII veterans were invited to attend the parade.


And some pictures from the rehearsals.










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